What you can get from ‘Immediate Success’

You want success and you want it now! Good. You’re in the right place. You only have to do one very small thing. Simply keep an open mind, that’s all. Most people want a different outcome but they aren’t prepared to change even one tiny thing. What a great pity. We can all have more success if we’re happy to move up a gear.

You’ve probably heard it said dozens of times before, ‘It’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart.’ It’s become a cliché, but of course clichés are very often true.

If you agree that working smart is what it’s all about. Then feel free to go straight to the ‘Quick Wins’ page, you’ll find the ‘Quick Wins’ tab at the top of this page. There you’ll find a range of materials that can help you and your team achieve rapid success.

About Ken Trim

Whether one is selling a service, a concept or a product the principles are the same, our choice is simply one of how effective we would like to become. Today recognised as one of the UK’s most motivational sales and management trainers, Ken Trim’s articles are syndicated and read by over 10,000 business owners, Directors, Managers and Salespeople every month. His DVDs are regularly played to help develop and train the team. His CDs are listened to in the car. Kens motivational and inspirational approach has become synonymous with success.

It has taken Ken over 40 + years of life’s experiences to become MCT’s principal trainer. Having had a fairly ‘tough’ upbringing and having left school with no qualifications whatsoever, he wasn’t expected to amount to very much. It was a big surprise to Ken when bedridden in the far-east on an extended seven month vacation, and out of sheer boredom he took a Mensa sponsored IQ test and passed. When safely back in the UK he took the fully supervised test and now has the certificate to show his IQ is in the top 2% of the population.

Perhaps that success spurred him on and over a six year period while working and supporting a young family he completed an Open University BA degree. Ken says “The degree was an accomplishment, pretty much everything else I’ve achieved could easily be put down to being in the right place at the right time – and having the right advice from others around me.”

Some 20+ years ago he moved from estate management for one of the UK’s leading chartered surveyors into sales. Spending several very successful years in advertising sales he joined the telecommunications Industry selling telephone systems back in 1992. “Eighteen months later I was an overnight success” says Ken, “both advertising and capital equipment gave me an excellent grounding in the basics.”

Along the way he’s sold over the phone and face to face and in both cases selling mostly business to business. “Whether one is selling a service, a concept or a product the principles are the same, our choice is simply one of how effective we would like to become.” Ken comments. Over the years he has been salesman of the month, of the quarter and of the year and he has repeated this feat for different companies in different industries.

Ken really isn’t that great at ‘carrying his own crown.’ So if you’d like to know what Ken can do for your organisation then please read his clients comments. You’ll find numerous examples of feedback on this site, on LinkedIn or similar.

Why you may want to invest in your people

Javalin are a 20 yr + established family owned business. Morale had dropped before my engagement, sales had fallen off a cliff and the MD was frustrated and showing it.

Client quote –

…More recently I switched external consultants in favour of Ken. His predecessor spent a year working with me and arguably had little or no effect on the business. When I engaged Ken to come in and work with us and bespoke his training to our needs, I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome…

…We ran four half day sessions over a period of five months. At the beginning of 2012 sales had dropped through the floor and I was suffering considerable staff issues. I set a target of getting sales back up to at least £100k a month as I know that was our break even figure and needed to sort out the other problems as well. By June of the same year we hit sales of just over £200k in the month and my own confidence and assertiveness was back where it should be…if we ever had similar challenges I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and work with Ken again…

John Vallance MD Javalin Network services Ltd