When’s the absolute best time for a fresh start?  When is a good time to begin again, change what you’re doing, diversify?

When people enter a new calender year they often form resolutions that are all too soon forgotten. What started out as a great plan, soon becomes yesterday’s good intentions. Before you know it, many of us are back into the same old routine, making the same mistakes. We intended to get more done, make more calls, talk to more people. The ideas seemed excellent, the blueprint appeared spot on. We were optimistic, fired up and could see ourselves really making a difference. But alas all too often it doesn’t really happen; the best laid plans and all that.

Here’s a tricky little question.  Why do we wait for a particular event in order to start over? Whether it’s a new year, or when we get back from our holidays, or at the beginning of the next month. Why do we insist on waiting for a special occasion before we can get going? In my mind this really doesn’t make sense. If it’s the right thing to do, then shouldn’t we just do it? We’re actually blessed with 365 new days every year. Each day starts again and yesterday is gone. The day finished and at some stage we probably went to sleep. then as if by magic we wake up approximately eight hours later and it’s a new day: a new beginning. We can start over, we can start anew, and more importantly we can do it any day we like.

Lots of us know you only really fail when you give up; you aren’t failing when you’re trying again. George Allen said, “People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to.” Someone else penned ‘It’s always too early to quit.’ Keep that thought at the forefront of your mind as you have another go at starting over. Success is very rarely far off. Search a little more and try a little harder. If you don’t quite succeed today, start again tomorrow.