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A sales meeting has to be one of the best opportunities to get your team firing on all cylinders. If every sales person is motivated, energised and inspired to succeed then the whole business will benefit. All it takes is a few easy and proven strategies to make a huge difference.

You can have a permanent guide to running truly inspiring sales meetings for £9.95. It’s no exaggeration to say that the tips and pointers in the book can give you a return of literally hundreds of thousands of pounds.

A mediocre sales manager tells, a good one demonstrates, whereas a truly great sales manager inspires.

How to run a truly inspiring sales meeting!

If only sales guys were motivated by cash, our job would be so much easier. When people are moved by money, then it’s easy to offer higher commissions or bigger bonuses to drive success. Lots of us know the truth, and it’s this; most of the team don’t react to a generous financial incentive.

I’ve worked in a number of sales organisations and was often surrounded by sales guys that just weren’t inspired. I might have thought the firms I worked for were the exception. However having spent the last ten years or so working with large and small sales organisations I can categorically say, money is a poor motivator.

Sales people are rarely just motivated by money – they say they are, but they aren’t
Ken Trim

Wouldn’t a director or a manager’s life be so much easier if sales guys were genuinely keen to smash targets? The reality however, is that most aren’t anywhere near as driven and hungry for success as we’d like. Enthusing sales people to sell often falls to the manager whether we like it or not. A regular sales meeting is often a prime time to get everyone fired up, buzzing and positive. Unfortunately all too often a sales meeting fails to hit its principal target and sales people leave the room flat and dejected. What they should be doing is coming out vibrant and energised.

As an organisation our year’s growth by 30% indicates that the business is in very good shape and I’m happy to acknowledge the significant part Ken has played.
Adrian Burt, Managing Director – Vivo Miles

That’s why I’ve written ‘How to run a truly inspiring sales meeting.’ You can have your own permanent guide for less than the cost of a decent meal. It’s packed full of easy, proven and free strategies to really put some energy and enthusiasm into the sales team.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

It used to be said that a housewives work expanded to fill the time available. The very same accusation can often be levelled at sales guys. They are invariably ultra-busy, yet never seem to have time to do the things you know they should. If we were cynical we might think that they never have time for the things that they don’t want to do. Funny that.

Please don’t think I’m on a downer with sales. I’m not. I genuinely like good sales people; in fact I often like the not yet successful as well. I’m not the issue.
The real challenge is with the sales team, most aren’t motivated by money, and loads aren’t even driven by any desire to succeed. An awful lot of sales guys are in sales because they’ve fallen into it as their job. An accidental career choice if you like! Which might, at least in part explain why they don’t always do what they should. For them it’s just a job. If they could make it 9 to 5 or less then they’d be quite happy to do so.

When we can inspire sales to raise their game then arguably everyone wins. The sales meetings we run are without doubt a fantastic opportunity to start the inspiring process. Plus the tips you’ll pick up from ‘How to run a truly inspiring sales meeting’ can be used outside of a team get together. You’ll be equipped with pointers, strategies and techniques that you can use time and time again. To get your own e-book delivered to your inbox in a matter of seconds then simply order now. At £9.95 it’ll probably be the best investment you ever make.

A significant improvement in attitude, activity and morale has resulted in … a much more focused department whose performance is now constantly improving

Miles Bossom, Managing Director – Swink Media

One thing has always surprised me. It shouldn’t but it does. The surprise I’m alluding to; is the negativity of some sales individuals. You know the type, the ones that as soon as their managers back is turned they are moaning and complaining to anyone and everyone that will listen.

Why are some like this? I’ve no doubt there are a myriad reasons, everything from an individual’s upbringing right through to an unfortunate drink problem. Of course the issue for us isn’t necessarily the cause but rather the treatment. For I’d suggest left untreated, the moaners, the complainers can have an incredibly damaging effect on the rest of the team.

Negative people aren’t the only problem. I’m often told by clients that they’ve got sales people that don’t listen, others that don’t work hard enough. I’m advised that some sales teams contain poor negotiators and even worse the odd sales person that can’t close. What’s this got to do with sales meetings you may ask? Isn’t it a training issue you might be thinking! In some instances of course, however I’d suggest that your regular sales meeting are the perfect opportunity to begin the process of overcoming these sales challenges.

Kens coaching helped the three Directors and the senior management team go successfully from a situation where we were virtually staring bankruptcy in the face to a stable and profitable financial position. Turnover has grown from about 2.5 million to a run rate of well over 3.5 million in the last two years

Steve Wenzell, Managing Director – Capital Cleaning Ltd

That’s why I’ve compiled some sixty pages on ‘How to run truly inspiring sales meetings.’ If you want some reminders on how to motivate the underperformers, it’s for you. If you want some help in how to dramatically raise morale and create a significantly more positive environment, then it’s definitely for you. If you want some pointers on how to raise skill sets within the team then for goodness sake order your own personal copy right now.

A couple of clicks and you can download your copy right now

Frequently asked questions

What’s included?
There are some sixty pages of easy and proven strategies to really motivate and to truly inspire your sales team. A brief overview of the key points follows the frequently asked questions.

Why do you charge when so much on the internet is free?
If something is free it’s usually free for a reason. Unfortunately most of what I’ve ever downloaded is quite poor quality wise. It’s no surprise is it; we’re always going to save the good stuff for paying customers.

Do the strategies only work in specific industries?
No. The strategies are truly universal to sales and sales teams.

How quickly can I implement the ideas in ‘How to run truly inspiring sales meetings’?
In the main you’ll be good to go. Although some will inevitably require some preparatory work, in fairness most can be put into action straight away.

Will I have to invest more money to put the strategies into action?
No. Most are completely free. A few might require an incredibly nominal sum if you wanted to split hairs. For example some suggestions might involve you doing some research. I’d count research on the web as free you might not.

What’s included:

Appreciating the primary objective –
It never ceases to amaze me how many of us call a weekly or monthly meeting primarily because that’s what we’ve always done. I know it’s a great opportunity to update the team on any changes, procedural or technical, but let’s just for a second go back to the title of the meeting. It’s a ‘sales’ meeting isn’t it?

Using quotas and targets –
Targets we know are meant to inspire that’s why we’re encouraged to keep them realistic and attainable. Quotas on the other hand are there to put a line in the sand. They are a clear indicator of ‘minimum acceptable performance.’ Remind yourself how you can use both correctly and you will arguably never look back again.

Increasing interaction – An awful lot of managers don’t inspire they bore. Think about it. How many employees are going to tell their boss that they run very boring sales meetings? It’s just not going to happen is it? But you and I know; that far too many managers do just that.

Implementing trials to drive change – One of the biggest complaints from employees centres on constant change. It’s certainly not the only complaint, but it sure is a popular one. Pick up this one strategy and you’ll probably wonder why I didn’t charge you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds for the advice. It’s an absolute winner.

Using quotes, phrases and acronyms to inspire –
Truly wise words inspire not just when they’re first read or heard but time and time again. I myself love Disraeli’s “Actions speak louder than words.” Every time I repeat it, I’m genuinely reminded to do something not simply talk about the matter.

Keeping on point –
Mark Twain once said, “If you want a two minute speech give me two weeks, but if you want a two hour speech I’m ready now.” His point is so true. When we’ve had no opportunity to prepare or rehearse we take an awful long time to cover the points we wish to make.

Staying current –
Use current or upcoming stuff that can help everyone’s focus with the sales effort. External events are arguably better to build campaigns around as they will invariably have greater meaning to your prospects. Successfully implement this strategy and you’ll see the teams’ sales soar faster than ever before.

Setting individuals tasks –
Andrew Carnegie once said, “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” Carnegie’s point helps remind us we need to get individual members of the team performing very specific tasks at times; it’s certainly not good enough to allow them to just tell us what they think they will do.

Increasing focus –
No one in your organisation is an on call heart surgeon. No one is so important to the survival of the human race that they must be contactable every minute of the day. Get rid of distractions and see people s focus and attention rise dramatically.

Ensuring personal development –
The attitude we want to instil into our team is an attitude of persistence or tenacity. We want the guys to pick themselves up, shake themselves down and try again. Another brilliant result for the team.

Driving effort –
Please note that those people throughout history – who have reached truly great heights, have usually done so by ‘standing on the shoulders’ of others. Make sure that those around you would be willing to give you their support, when you really require it.

Policing poor behaviour –
One of our challenges in Management is disciplining errant behaviour. Poor punctuality, activity targets missed, negative attitude, etc. We know we want motivated and positive people yet when they break the ‘rules’ it usually falls to us to try and correct matters. The strategy I share here has to be worth the cost of this book a thousand times over on its own.

Introducing Mini-mentoring –
If the attitude and the effort are in place, you and I both know that often success won’t be too far behind. This option has a number of hidden benefits that most people aren’t aware of until they read the book.

Sharing experiences –
Encouraging the team to share their sales experiences is so sensible in theory and yet sometimes so difficult to put into practice. Once we’ve cracked this we’re onto another winner.

Achieving personal growth –
Unfortunately in our default position, we have a tendency to go into a sales meeting and tell sales guys what they are doing wrong and what they should do differently. Yet we know when we’re in sales mode that ‘telling’ isn’t selling. Isn’t it peculiar how we occasionally practice exactly the opposite of what we preach?

Task Management –
When we learnt how to manage our time one of the first and biggest lessons we probably picked up was to prioritise. Task management is completely compatible with prioritising. In fact you could argue it takes that concept a stage further and some.

Increasing selling time –
A sales and marketing management organisation conducted a survey in 1928 and found that salespeople only spent about 90 minutes (an hour and half a day) selling. They repeated the survey in 1988 and got the same result. We doubt if it is significantly different today. When we push up selling time, results are likely to rise pretty rapidly too.

Learning from lost sales –
In many cases sales people move on after losing a deal. Our motivation might have taken a slight knock and we know that one of the best ways of handling that is to look forwards. Before you know it, we’re highly focused on the next opportunity. Not a bad course of action. However in the rush to replace the lost prospect our guys just might occasionally miss a trick or two. In reality you can learn massive lessons from lost sales if you know how to. A good question gets a meaningful answer; a poor question will produce an unhelpful response.

Managing expectations –
Someone once said, “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” When we can get the team to ‘adjust the sales’ of their own accord, then we’re beginning to build a much more resilient group. We’ll probably never make ourselves completely redundant, but it sure would be good to be able to take our foot off the gas when we want to.

Collecting customer feedback – Occasionally the buyer sees, hears or even experiences things from the salesperson that we’re not aware of. No amount of self-criticism can give us one hundred per cent accurate feedback. The prospect has to be the best person to identify what we ought to consider changing or improving.

The sales meetings we run are without doubt the prime time to start the inspiring process. Plus the tips you’ll pick up from ‘How to run a truly inspiring sales meeting’ can be used time and time again. To get your own e-book (some sixty enlightening pages) delivered to your inbox in a matter of seconds then simply order now. At £9.95 it’ll probably be the best investment you ever make.

A couple of clicks and you can download your copy right now

If you’ve got to this point and still haven’t ordered, PLEASE EMAIL ME and tell me why. I’m obviously missing something and given this is my career choice and it’s how I feed and clothe my family I’d really appreciate knowing what I need to change. Thank you in advance. I can’t learn without your feedback.