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Probably the biggest reason some people don’t invest…

Courses and Seminars:

You can gain a competitive advantage if you show your people how to adjust their approach to an ever-changing marketplace. Management has its challenges. Sales are rarely easy. Service shouldn’t escape our attention.

Managing others in order to get the very best out of them requires some thought. If you have Directors, Managers, Supervisors or Team Leaders that would benefit from some truly inspiring pointers then please talk to us.

When it comes to sales, then techniques that once bought new business in regularly, can today push customers away. Surely knowing the buyer, understanding today’s marketplace and developing the relevant skill sets of all employees is where companies should start. Sales staff that have a more positive attitude, a better work ethic and greater skills will definitely outperform all others. If your customers and your market place are changing shouldn’t your sales personnel adapt as well. Get in touch, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Every company and every organisation can realise the benefits of ensuring all of the staff fully understand the importance of providing first class service and customer care, and much more besides. Once you offer incredible service you get heaps more repeat business and loads more referrals. Give me a call and let’s talk. What do people say, ‘it costs nothing to talk.’ Come on an ‘open’ seminar or talk to me about bespoke courses, if it’s the right thing to do then why not do it now?

Remember procrastination is the thief of time so please fill in the form below to get started


John Vallance - Managing Director, Javalin Network services Ltd

More recently I switched external consultants in favour of Ken. His predecessor spent a year working with me and arguably had little or no effect on the business. When I engaged Ken to come in and work with us and bespoke his training to our needs, I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome.

We ran four half day sessions over a period of five months. At the beginning of 2012 sales had dropped through the floor and I was suffering considerable staff issues. I set a target of getting sales back up to at least £100k a month as I know that was our break even figure and needed to sort out the other problems as well.

By June of the same year we hit sales of just over £200k in the month and my own confidence and assertiveness was back where it should be…if we ever had similar challenges I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and work with Ken again.

Richard Crossland - Director, Alfred Ashley
Sets an achievable pace that allows you to explore the subject matter in enough detail that it will be remembered for future use.  The balance of humour and professionalism allows for compelling content that keeps the entire audience engaged and enthusiastic
Chris Goodman - Director, Focus 4 U Ltd, Brighton
Feedback from my staff has been excellent and we have seen an immediate improvement in both their attitude and how they have applied themselves
James Every - Managing Director, Hydrodynamix, Kent
Has an ability to present his audience with new angles on old problems…can help enthuse the most mundane…This is a rare skill
Giles Cooper - Sales Director, Commidea, Kent
Since using Ken’s services I have noticed (as have others within the business) a renewed enthusiasm, a noticeable improvement in professionalism
Nick Collins - Managing Director, DFL, Uckfield
The savings we’re able to make went along way to paying your fees immediately. Furthermore we’ll be able to make the same sort of savings month in and month out
John Massey - Managing Director, Actimax PLC
Your input has been exceptional. Without doubt you’ve contributed significantly to us picking up the pace and for that I thank you