Fit for Purpose Audio CD

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Turn your car into a university on wheels. Turn ‘dead time’ into learning time.


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‘Fit for Purpose’ – Learn about…

  1. Motorway Selling – A unique way of exploring the sales process. Helps sales people understand the importance of getting everything right from the outset.
  2. First Impressions – They may not be set in concrete, but why make it harder for ourselves if we don’t need to.
  3. Sales R & R – Remembering to do all the right things all the time is never easy, R & R is a clever way of helping.
  4. IMPRESS tactics – More tips to help sales people excel. If we don’t lay good foundations then the building can’t reach great heights and might even fail to stand for long.
  5. Why people won’t do business with us – An incredible eye opener for many sales people both experienced and those starting out in their careers.

Turn your car into a university on wheels. Turn ‘dead time’ into learning time. Learn more earn more. Only £49 + vat.

1 review for Fit for Purpose Audio CD

  1. 2 out of 5


    I found a coca cola tray at a thrift store this week. The tray is black and rectangular. I have found similar trays online — it appears that it was made in 1920. It is of a woman in a yellow dress on a golf course. I haven’t seen any photos of the exact tray that I have, though. The trays online are &#80i2;t2p” trays, oval, and smaller. Mine is large — about 13.5″ long. Can you tell me about it, and how much it could be worth, if anything? It’s in fair condition. Thanks!

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