Preparation, hardly the most inspiring thing we’re asked to do is it? However, most of us know deep down that we should prepare, we should plan, we should be doing more of the groundwork.  Well, here’s three key areas with reference to sales and marketing that we might benefit from thinking about…

1. In recent times public sector spending has come under greater and greater scrutiny. If the public sector make up part of your customer base, now’s the time to prepare for possible changes. I’ve said it before, and no doubt I’ll say it again if you know there’s a drought on the way, then start digging your well. Outside of the public sector business still goes on. The prediction is that growth will come from the private sector. That’s perhaps the place we should start to try and uncover some opportunities, try and find some new customers, market ourselves better and more effectively. Start to do some things that will help make the phone ring.

2. The very best run businesses suffer from natural attrition. Over time and for reasons beyond their control they lose some of their customer base.  If this happens to the very best run businesses why do we sometimes think it won’t happen to us. However good your customer service is, you will come under attack from your competition, some of your customers will merge, be acquired and occasionally even cease trading. In short, over any time span, your customer base if left to it’s own devices, is likely to shrink. Yet again maybe we should be taking steps to attract some more new customers.

3.  It also dawned on me the other day that you really can’t know everything, you can’t remember everything, we’re all human, we all have to re-learn certain tasks. If you’re not doing something every day, if it’s one of those jobs, projects or tasks that you only do occasionally isn’t it inevitable that you forget the odd clever short cut, you forget the very best way to do it.  Of course on top of that, things change, new ideas, new technology could and should be taken into account.  But, can you be an (up to date) expert on everything? Obviously you’re a better man than me if you think you can.

So what’s this leading to? Simple really, if you accept any of the points above then please talk to us about picking up some new sales and marketing strategies that will help.  It costs pretty much nothing to talk, and who knows you might end up with a really good result. Drop me quick email or give me a quick ring, whichever is easier and let’s at least explore the matter.