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How to maximise margins

Maximise Margins

Having to sell more and maximise our margins in today’s marketplace might be tough but it’s far from impossible.

Buying Signals


Ever so often the prospective customer gives out a clear, unequivocal “buying signal,” sometimes we see them and occasionally we don’t.

New Start

Out of Reccession

When’s the absolute best time for a fresh start?  When is a good time to begin again, change what you’re doing, diversify?

Sales and Tactical Marketing


Preparation, hardly the most inspiring thing we’re asked to do is it? However, most of us know deep down that we should prepare, we should plan, we should be doing more of the groundwork. 

We Become What We Think About…

Motivated Person

Personally I think that most of us have far more control over what we do or say than we neccessarily appreciate.

Want Better Results?


Most of us want a better result, unfortunately we’re not always prepared to do anything about it. For years I’ve said to people “If it works do more of it and if it doesn’t change it.”

Is Change Easy?


Improving sales techniques, closing a sale more effectively and negotiating with a better outcome is all achievable. Of all the quotes you’ll ever come across maybe the following is one of the most profound…

Pain of Personal Development

Yes We Can

Sales, Telesales, Closing, Presentation, Negotiation, Time Management, Man Management, pain or pleasure / problematic or profitable?  For most of us it’s an awful lot easier to see what’s wrong in others than to accept our own deficiencies.