Training is all about today and tomorrow, new techniques lead to better results.  I can’t take any credit for inventing the expression “Draw a line and move on”

It’s unashamedly borrowed from my old boss’s boss. He seemed to almost live by that particular philosophy and it certainly didn’t do his career or his earnings any harm whatsoever.

What I’m pretty much saying is that certain things fall into the category of once it’s done, it’s done. You can’t change the past. We can all learn from history, recent or otherwise, and we should all allow for the future but, right now is the bit we can really do something about.

If it’s all about doing a better job here and now, then can I suggest that you take a couple of moments to look at the courses, seminars or CD’s available from this site. You’ll find I can help with Sales training techniques, Telesales, Presentation skills, Negotiation, Time management, Man Management, Customer services and much more. If you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for feel free to contact me direct. Lastly take a quick minute to look at the tips & quotes page, I promise there’s some good one liners there.