Most of us want a better result, unfortunately we’re not always prepared to do anything about it. For years I’ve said to people “If it works do more of it and if it doesn’t change it.” Not bad advice I’m hoping you’d agree, however difficult advice to act upon. You see lots of us get caught up in a routine, we do what we do, the way we do it. We struggle to identify exactly which parts of the process are directly responsible for the outcome, we struggle even more to work out which bits really aren’t working.

Good training and development programs whether they are open courses, group bespoke training sessions or one to one’s equip us with the very best pointers. We now know what we should be doing, how we can do it and as importantly we’re motivated to act.

Sometimes I wonder if I could come up with a better term than ‘training and development.’ I probably can’t. The truth is that’s exactly what most of us need most of the time, we need good training and good development courses if we’re going to have a fighting chance of stepping up a gear.

If you’d like a different outcome, a better result then can I suggest that you should be prepared to do something about it.